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Essentials You Need

for the Beach

We’re basking in the mid-July sun now that the weather has picked up again, and the team here at The Sale Network are loving visiting our local beaches. There are some of you that are excitedly packing for your trip abroad, but are you sure you’ve remembered everything? We’re here to help you with our beach essentials checklist, so that you’re ready for summer fun on the sand. Don’t worry about dipping into your ice-cream money either, here at TSN you’ll find designer brands at a discount price!

Beach Bag Essentials

Clarins Sun Protection Essentials Gift Set

We are jumping right in with sun cream! This should be a staple throughout the summer months, not just on the beach. This set from Clarins includes 75ml Sun Wrinkle Control Cream, with a 150ml bottle of Sun Care Oil Spray and 200ml of Hydrating After-Sun Moisturizer. If that isn’t enough, then it also comes with a cute little travel bag to put it all in, great for a carry on or just to stay organised at the beach. Have a look at the Clarins Sun Protection Essentials Gift Set here. Need more skincare essentials? The Sale Network has you covered.

Jack Wills Beach Towel

Who says that a beach towel can’t be stylish? Jack Wills have brought out their own towel, perfect to keep the hot sand off your skin on your next trip to the beach. Made from a super absorbent fabric, this Jack Wills designer towel will probably end up becoming a staple at home as well as by the shore. If you want, take a look at our range of towels to bag a bargain.

Coleman 28 QT Xtreme Cooler

Imagine this: you’re lying on a beach, soaking up the sun, enjoying the sound of the waves, and you go to grab a drink from your bag and its warm! What a mood killer. Whether you’re packing a picnic or want to keep your beverages refreshing and cool, why not invest in a portable cooler? You’ll use this 26L unit for all your days out, so take a look at the Coleman 28 QT Xtreme Cooler here!

Enid Pattern Beach Hat

Of course, we couldn’t forget the classic beach hat when compiling this checklist. No holiday is complete without this accessory, and with a white and blue weave pattern and blue wide contrast ribbon, the Enid Pattern Beach Hat from Phase Eight is a perfect choice. You can check out our huge online hat sale for more inspiration.

Chloe Sunglasses

Not only do you have to protect your skin with a sun cream and a hat, but keep your eyes covered with a great pair of shades. Not only will they help keep the sun out of your eyes, but of course they make a stylish accessory, but you know that! Since it’s a good idea to always keep a pair in your bag, why not chosen Seventies inspired Poppy Love Heart Sunglasses from Chloe? Shop the sunglasses collection from TSN here.

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