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How to make your home hygge

with The Sale Network

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is, by definition, a feeling of cosiness, security, and reassurance in your life. The word ‘hygge’ has been making the rounds recently, and here at The Sale Network we thought we’d get in on the action.

Whilst we can’t tell you how to make your home hygge (it is a personalised style that is unique to your person), we definitely have some suggestions on how to make your living space a cosier one. The term hygge comes from our friends across in Europe, the Danes, whose style combines practicality as well as great design.

Create a Hygge Interior

1.      Cosy throws and pillows

The most important part of a hygge lifestyle is comfort. When you get home, the first thing you want to do is relax. Having an environment where you feel at ease is essential in your home, and the best way to do this is by adorning your furniture with beautiful throws and pillows that you can curl up into.

We love this throw from Broste Copenhagen. Made from the finest wool, the Leon Woollen Throw will be a gorgeous addition to any home. You can find more throws from The Sale Network here.


Keeping with a neutral colour palette means you can decorate your home with different colour accents in your smaller furnishings, such as vases and cushions. Make sure you choose a cushion that looks comfy for your hygge home, like the Bloomingvale Linen Cushion from Coggles, which oozes Scandinavian style. Need more inspiration? Check out the full range of cushions on sale.


2.      Add soft lighting to your room

If your mum hasn’t compared your house to Blackpool illuminations if you’ve ever left a light on, are you really from the UK? Instead of using the ‘big light’ in your room, rely on lamps, fairy lights and candles for illumination.

Danish design is all about combining the practical with the stylish, which certainly lends inspiration to the Retro Gloss Mocha Finish Table Lamp. Ideal for a bedside lamp or for reading in the living room, this lamp incorporates muted tones and modernity into its design.


Of course, one lamp can’t be expected to provide light for an entire room, so why not treat yourself to this Sakura table light? Shaped like a cherry blossom tree, the floral LEDs can change colour depending on how you feel from a soft natural warm to an exciting purple! Don’t forget The Sale Network has hundreds of designer lamps on sale for you to choose from.


Hygge is all about creating warmth and encourages making use of an open fireplace. However if you don’t have a stove or fireplace, then the next best thing is of course candles (and they smell better too). We love this Urban Apothecary Cherry Blossom 300g candle from The Hut, with a 60 hour burn time. Light up your world with the full candle sale from TSN.


3.      Good Hygge practice starts from within

Having a hygge mind starts from within yourself, ensuring that you live in a clutter-free space that makes you happy. One of the best ways to start the day the hygge way is with a proper cup of tea to warm the cockles of your heart. Use this Collier Campbell Flowerdrop Tea for One Gift set that is a cup, saucer and teapot all in one! Not your cup of tea? Take a look at mugs and cups at a discount price.


Scandinavian Home Design from The Sale Network

If you’ve been inspired to add a little hygge to your home, then choose The Sale Network to get the very best pieces from designers in the UK at a discount price. You can have a look at the full homeware range here. To always know when a sale happens, then make sure you sign up to The Sale Network. You choose which products or designers you want updates on, and we’ll alert you whenever there is a sale! You can register with TSN today and start saving instantly.