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How Pandora Charmed The World;

one bracelet at a time

Years ago, many women used to dream of opening up Tiffanys jewellery boxes on Christmas morning. Now-a-days, however, the majority of people are hoping to spot a Pandora jewellery box with their name on it under the Christmas tree.

When you look at the gorgeous designs the brand have been turning out each year, along with the more than reasonable price points, it’s not difficult to see why Pandora have been continuously growing in popularity.

And now, you can shop Pandora’s extensive collection online with The Sale Network! Before you get too carried away shopping their beautiful pieces, let’s have a look at who Pandora are in more detail, and how their history led them to be one of the UK’s best loved jewellery brands.

What is the story behind Pandora Jewelry?

Pandora was established as a single jeweller’s shop in Copenhagen, by goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. At first they would travel to Thailand in search of jewelry to import, but their focus soon shifted to creating their own unique jewelry. In 1989 their first in-house designer joined the company, marking the first steps to the brand we know and love today.

Launching The Iconic Bracelet


The iconic Pandora charm bracelet was first launched in 2000, and driven by a huge public demand has grown and grown. New charm designs are released regularly, including limited edition and holiday pieces. And, more recently, updates to the bangle itself with a range of materials and colours being released.

Becoming The Most ‘Googled’ Jewellrey Brand

Pandora is now the most searched for jewelry brand on Google, and was recently valued by Forbes to be worth $11.5 Billion. Not bad for a company that started out as a small family venture.

Pandora at The Sale Network

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