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The Sale Network’s Brand Bio’s

Nasty Gal

Inspired by vintage style, Nasty Gal has been producing young women’s fashion across clothing and accessories for over 10 years.

Dominating the online market, they have grown year on year, and you can now shop the extensive collection in The Sale Network sale!

But first, we want to give you a brief background of all things Nasty Gal, so you can indulge on how they became one of the best-loved brands on the market.

Who are Nasty Gal?

Founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006, Nasty Gal started in a San Francisco apartment stacked with killer vintage, a single laptop and an eBay account.

Now an international retailer of women’s clothing, the brand has stayed true to its vintage style, whilst incorporating the latest fashion trends and previously working with big names such as Glamorous, Levi’s, Jaded London and Lavish Alice.

Named as the “Fastest Growing Retailer” in 2012 by INC Magazine, they have a range of clothing, shoes and accessories, launching various collections timed to major fashion seasons throughout the year.

From San Francisco to Los Angeles, Nasty Gal has grown into a highly popular ecommerce site, reported to have revenue growth of 96% to £47.9m in February 2019, with customers in over 150 countries and operating two brick and mortar stores.

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Find out more about Nasty Gal!

As a popular store dominating the ecommerce world, we don’t blame you for wanting to know more about the Nasty Gal brand. So, here are all the popular FAQ questions to let you delve into the deeper world of Nasty Gal!

What is Nasty Gal worth?

Nasty Gal’s revenue reached $24 million in 2011. In 2016, Forbes named Sophia Amoruso one of America’s richest self-made women, estimating her net worth at $280 million.

Who owns Nasty Gal?

In 2015, Sheree Waterson took over Sophia Amoruso as CEO of Nasty Gal. Formally the president of the brand, Sheree became partners with Sophia to evolve its retail presence, whilst Sophia continued as founder and executive chairman of the brand.

Is Nasty Gal owned by BooHoo?

After Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy in 2016, the company was purchased by the Boohoo Group the following year and now operates under the Boohoo portfolio umbrella.

Who wrote girl boss?

Sophia Amoruso published the best-selling book, #GIRLBOSS, in 2014, launching the GIRLBOSS Foundation to inspire women to take their careers into their own hands. Following this, in 2017, Netflix released their new original show, Girlboss, loosely based on the book. The series was however cancelled after one season.

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