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University Essentials

for September 2018

It might still be July, but many hopeful academics will already be thinking about their upcoming place at university! Whether you’ve spent the last two years working hard to get your A-Levels, or you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream of obtaining a degree, there are some essentials that you’ll need to take with you if you’re moving into halls or your very first house with course mates. It can be expensive getting everything you need, but with The Sale Network you don’t have to scrimp and save like a student. Everything is on sale here, with millions of products from designer brands at a discount price.

Things people forget to take to university

Best laptops for students

HP Laptop
Laptops are necessary when it comes to university, with tonnes of research and essays spanning out over the duration of your chosen course, and of course, video chatting home! Here at The Sale Network, we think that the HP Stream is perfect for taking to lectures. At 11.6”, this notebook is perfect to fitting into your bag. It even comes with an entire year of Office 365 and the latest Windows 10 OS. At £159.98 (was £169.99), you’ll love the HP Stream Laptop from Currys PC World.
ASUS Laptop
If you’re stuck between a tablet and a laptop, you can get the best of both worlds with the ASUS VivoBook. Slightly larger than the HP, the ASUS is still portable and comes with Windows 10, but can also be used as a tablet so you can binge watch your favourite show on Netflix instead of writing your 3,000-word essay… With £100 off, this ASUS VivoBook Flip is only £299.98 with The Sale Network, and perfect for university students.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at our full collection of laptops here.

Student Kitchen Starter Pack

Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll have to fend for yourself at university, including cooking and cleaning. On moving day, make sure you’re kitted out with washing up liquid, a pack of sponges and some anti-bacterial spray as well as your plates and cutlery.
24 Piece Cutlery Set
Despite best efforts, plates get smashed and mugs go missing, so you can’t go wrong with this 24-piece dinner set from Very. With eight bowls, side plates and dinner plates, there’s enough to last you three years and at only £34.99 (was £39.99), is an absolute steal. Don’t forget your cutlery! Littlewoods have a sixteen piece cutlery set for £11, and is on a buy one get one free offer.
If something more sophisticated tickles your fancy, you’ll find the best dinnerware and crockery all at a discount price with The Sale Network.

Stationary Study Essentials

Kaiser Notebook
Of course, university offers opportunities to live away from home, meet new people and open yourself up to different experiences, but the main reason you are there is to get a degree! This means you’ll need to take the best study supplies with you. At a mere £4, ASOS have a pack of Kaiser style notebooks that are great for scribbling down notes in lectures. Stash in your bag ready for your next study session.
Gold Digger Planner
Planners are also essential when it comes to organising your class schedules, revision groups and society meet ups. Who says that planning has to be boring? This whimsical agenda planner will enhance your desk space with a bold pink colour and ‘Goaldigger’ embossing. The Alice Scott B6 Agenda Planner has a week-to-week view and is reduced from £12 to £9.60.

There is so much to choose from in The Sale Network’s range of office supplies, so take a closer look here.

Get ready for uni with The Sale Network

Here at TSN, we know that being a student is hard, and those loans don’t always stretch far. Whether you’re treating yourself for finishing an essay before the deadline or you need to stock up on the essentials, you’ll never have to pay full price for anything with The Sale Network. If you want to be alerted to the latest sales on your favourite brands and products, then all you need to do is register with us!