Clarks - Home Charm
Clarks Home Charm More Info
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£35.00 £29.00
Clarks - Un Blush Ease
Clarks Un Blush Ease More Info
Save 8%
£75.00 £69.00
Clarks - Cozily Snug
Clarks Cozily Snug More Info
Save 17%
£35.00 £29.00
Clarks - Mascarpone Bay
Clarks Mascarpone Bay More Info
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£95.00 £69.00
Clarks - Bizzy Lane
Clarks Bizzy Lane More Info
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£69.00 £34.50
Clarks - Alexa Ruby
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Save 50%
£45.00 £22.50
Clarks - Poise Bella
Clarks Poise Bella More Info
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£159.00 £99.00
Clarks - Wallabee Boot Gore-tex
Clarks Wallabee Boot Gore-tex More Info
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£160.00 £80.00
Clarks - Desert Boot
Clarks Desert Boot More Info
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£100.00 £50.00
Clarks - Pure Rosa
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£95.00 £47.50
Clarks - Un Blush Go
Clarks Un Blush Go More Info
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£69.00 £34.50
Clarks - Trigenic Evo
Clarks Trigenic Evo More Info
Save 60% Low Stock
£130.00 £52.00

Shop the complete Clarks outlet

If you’re after some fancy footwear, then make The Sale Network your one stop shop for all things shoes. Clarks are an established brand and produce only the best of the best when it comes to shoes and accessories. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try browsing our collection of lady’s shoes here. Alternatively you can find the full men’s footwear sale from TSN has some incredible discounts ready for you to shop.  

Can I return Clarks Outlet shoes to any store?

Clarks can issue an immediate refund or exchange if you have proof of purchase or receipt. If you have ordered your product on the Clarks Outlet website, you can only return this item via post to the supplied address. You can not return your outlet order to a physical Factory Outlet store or regular Clarks store.

Where are Clarks shoes manufactured?

Clarks closed their last plant in the UK in 2006 and moved their production to China, India, Brazil and Vietnam and after a 12 year Hiatus, they returned to the UK to open a production factory in 2018.
The opening of the new factory in the UK is a big deal as it shows that footwear made in Britain is in high demand internationally. 

When should babies wear shoes?

Clarks offer a wide range of footwear for babies. It all depends whether you need baby shoes for cruising or baby shoes for walking. Baby shoes for cruises are soft soled comfortable shoes that give your baby more grip when trying to walk or hold on to objects. Soft soled shoes can benefit your baby up to 24 months. After 2 years when your baby is walking, Clarks have a fantastic range of hard soled, comfortable baby walking shoes.

Can you use Clarks vouchers online?

Clarks gift vouchers can't be used online. If you see a pair of Clarks shoes that you like, you can order them when you're in store and use your Clarks gift vouchers this way. Clarks Voucher codes are different, as they can only be used online.

What are Clarks Shoes?

The founders of Clarks Shoes were Cyrus and James Clark. In 1825 they created a slipper from pieces of sheepskin, which was a revolutionary combination of craftsmanship, creative thinking and invention, which has remained at the heart of Clarks to this day. Clarks are lone of the leading innovators in footwear and offer fantastic ranges for Women, Men, Children and Babies.

Who is the owner of Clarks Shoes?

In 1825, Brothers Cyrus and James Clark set up the company in Street, Somerset, England. The Company is called C. & J. Clark International Ltd and they use the trading name Clarks. Recently, the board of Clarks appointed Stella David as their interim CEO due to the resignation of their CEO after complaints of conduct which is against the family's business ethics.

How long do Clarks vouchers last?

Clarks Gift Cards last up to 24 months from date of purchase. Clarks Gift Cards need a minimum amount of £5 to be added and up to a maximum of £500.
Currently, Clarks Gift Cards can only be used in any store in the UK and Republic of Ireland and not on their website.

Can you take shoes back to Clarks?

If you decide that you're not happy with your Clarks Shoes, you can return them to a any store or if your purchase was online, you can print out a label and return them for free in the original packaging. You will receive a full refund as long as the product is unworn and in it's original condition and it's within 30 days of purchase on your valid receipt. Sometimes products are faulty so Clarks will happily refund or exchange your faulty shoes if they are returned with proof of purchase. 


How long does a Clarks refund take?

Once you have returned your unwanted / faulty shoes to Clarks with a valid receipt and proof of purchase, Clarks will refund you the full amount, which could take up to 5 days.

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